Memory Lane Farm
AgriVenture for Kids

Farm Camp

Our Mission
AgriVenture for Kids provides a faith-based, hands-on learning experience for youth on a family farm setting.  Our purpose is to inspire, support and encourage youth to explore the wonders of nature, agriculture and animals.
  1. Living Classroom
    Learn about God's great outdoor living classroom through forestry, gardening, animal care, woodworking and arts & crafts.
  2. Grow
    Our goal is to share hands-on agricultural experiences where kids (grades 3-6) can explore, grow, build and problem solve.
  3. Do
    Kids will be encouraged to "do" with their hands, head and heart, and in the process they discover life skills.
  4. Learn
    Diverse learning opportunities are created where the values of respect for people, animals, nature and the environment are developed and strengthened.
  1. Animal Care
  2. Kids
  3. Gardening
  4. Forest
Join us at Memory Lane Farm

Nothing beats a breath of country air

2017 Camp Was a BLAST!

Stay tuned for 2018 Camp details.  

Check out our Gallery page for great images of our 2017 camp!