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Can we visit the farm?

We love visitors! Our volunteers are very friendly and we try our best to answer any questions you might have. We are glad to schedule complimentary visits for you, your family or organization to learn more about what we do. To protect the privacy of our guests and the Wolf/Zarnke families, we ask that you please contact us in advance to ensure our availabilty. 
Email us to schedule a visit.

Who comes to Memory Lane Farm?

Our programs are geared to individuals of all ages, experiences and backgrounds - all are welcome! We believe that this farm is meant to be shared with the community at large.  If someone believes they can benefit from our programs and desires to participate, we welcome them. 

How can I participate?
Participation at MLF can include being enrolled in our programs, donating time as a volunteer, or joining us for a farm tour.  Check out our programs to enroll in our sessions/camp, visit our Volunteer page to learn more, or be our guest by arranging a farm tour.  


How old do you have to be to participate? Can adults be participants?

We welcome all ages, however each of our programs have different age focuses based on the nature of our programs. Due to safety of the child and animals, we recommend that children 5 years and older be allowed to partner directly with the horses, depending on the specific program. For children under five we do have a play area that we ask parent (s) or a guardian to accompany young children while on the farm. We do not have an age "cap" and have even served grandparents of participants!  


If participating in a specific program isn’t for you, why not volunteer your time?  For teens, adults, families and groups - It’s a great way make each program successful! Just let us know how you'd like to participate.

Do parent(s) need to accompany my child to the farm?

Cultivating Hope 
Yes, we ask that parent(s) or guardian, accompany your child to the farm and stay for the duration of the 90-minute session. When a significant accomplishment is made during a session, we would love to have you share these steps to healing and joy with your child/family. In addition, we have created spaces to rest, observe and enjoy while you are visiting the farm. 


AgriVenture Farm Camp
No, it is not necessary that parents accompany their child for camp, however, we always welcome parents to be volunteers! 


Who needs to complete a Liability Waiver?

Everyone on the farm needs a completed waiver. Our farm insurance requires that all guests and participants who visit the farm complete a waiver. The waiver must be signed in order to participate and be renewed at the start of every year.

Are Volunteers Needed at the farm?

Yes! In fact, Memory Lane Farm, Inc. operates entirely on volunteers who selflessly give their time to serve our guests.  We have a multitude of serving opportunities for individuals, families, and organizations.  No previous farm experience is required to help - we’ll train and guide you! 

Is Memory Lane Farm a religious organization?

Although we hold to Christian values, the farm is not associated with any particular religious organization or denomination. It is our faith that motivates us as Founders, Board of Directors and Lead Volunteers to demonstrate the love of Jesus and care for the children and families we serve. At no time will our commitment to those that come to the Farm (whether participant, volunteer or guest) waiver due to being of a different belief. Jesus loved people unconditionally and He loved them well. We do the same in following His example. Therefore, all volunteers are expected to operate with expectations of excellence in conduct with people and animals, language, dress/presentation, safety and integrity.