Our Herd



Percheron Draft Horse

Abby came to the farm, along with her sister Annie, as a draft team to originally help with our wagon/sleigh ride business and to use their strong draft horse power with our maple syrup production.  Abby retired from her draft horse duties after the passing of her teammate and sister, Annie in 2016.


Although retired, Abby has been a farm favorite for her slow and deliberate character and love of children. She is the lead mare in our herd, both in personality and in size. But don’t let her size fool you, Abby leads with love and gentleness.



Quarter Horse

Josie came to the farm in 2016 and has become a favorite program pal!  Affectionately known as ‘Nosey Josie” for her inquisitive nature, she is intelligent, friendly, loves attention and open gates!  


Not much is known about Josie’s past or training, however her well-built stature, vibrant personality and sweet character are perfect for our programs. 



Quarter Horse

Anna, our newest addition, came to us in fall 2018 and quickly became part of our family.  With experience in barrel racing and games, Anna quickly proved that she’s also very happy being around children and living a slower pace.  


Although Anna had previous experience at rodeos, her purpose at MLF is now dedicated to helping others find confidence and peace.  Anna is known to be shy and best known for her gentle spirit, sweet personality, and kind eye. 


Harry and Honey

Fainting Goats

These two sweet and mischievous sibling team have been part of MLF for four years and love attention! Harry, with his white markings, leaves a mark on everyone he meets, for his fun personality is hit with all of our guests.


Honey is sweet and loves playing head butting games with their pal, Little Willy.  Honey and Harry are Fainting Goats, however we haven’t yet seen them faint, but have seen them run, jump and skip like little kids on the loose!



Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Maddy reminds us of an orange creamsicle! As a Nigerian Dwarf, she is mellow and sweet! She came our farm in 2019 and loves interacting with people, and enjoys being the center of attention.  She is a wonderful momma too!


Little Willy

Nigerian Dwarf/Pigmy Goat

Little Willy may be short in stature, but lacks nothing in looks and personality!  He is a Nigerian Dwarf/Pigmy goat with a long white beard! Although he is young, his beard makes him look very distinguished.